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Agile Fundamentals

As organizations bring on new talent, they often discover that everyone is not on the same page when it comes to Agile implementation. This workshop is designed to help get everyone on the same page or to give new teams the foundation they need to be successful.

The numbers 11 and 12 on building pillars.

The Agile 12 Step Program

Many organizations ask me if there is such a thing as an Agile quick start guide. While the answer overall is no because Agile is NOT a one size fits all model, this workshop gives you the first 12 items that must be addressed to get the Agile machine cranking in your organization.

Lee Henson pointing to poster for the Project Summit Business Analyst World Conference. Lee is pointing toward the section of the poster that shows his speaking time and information: "10:00 am - 11:00 am: Vanilla Ice was the perfect Agile coach - a journey of fixed vs. growth mindset."

Facilitation Foundations

The number one item that teams hate about Agile is the dramatic time increase spent in meetings. This workshop will teach concepts and provide tools to optimize meetings and help reduce the time we spend to get everyone to a meaningful outcome.

Lee Henson points to large screen in the front of the room.

Advancing & Scaling Agile

So you have all of the basics down… This session is designed for teams that have been in the trenches and earned the been there done that t-shirt. This workshop focuses on advanced practices to help teams be successful including non-method specific scaling strategies.


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